Ethics Approval Process

Ethics approval for the Last Drinks project has been obtained from the ethics committees of all participating hospitals.

  • St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne: HREC-A 170/16

  • Calvary Hospital Canberra: 43-2016.

  • Deakin University: 2017-178

  • Monash Health: RES-17-0000-265X

  • South West Healthcare: 05/2017

  • Barwon Health: 17/75

  • St Vincent's Hospital Sydney: 17/127

  • The Canberra Hospital/ACT Health: ETH.5.18.097E

All participating sites  conduct site specific ethics approval, acknowledging the review provided by the above Human Research Ethics Committees. This is conducted in accordance with NHMRC guidance for single ethical review of multi-centre research. 

Ethics approval for our pilot study conducted at South West Healthcare, Warrnambool, Victoria was provided by the Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee (App no. 2011-096) and the South West Healthcare Human Research Ethics Committee (App no. 3/2011).